The Life of Selena

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This Month’s Book: The Life of Selena
Our Cover to Cover Book of the Month for May is The Life of Selena  by Patty Rodriguez & Ariana Stein. This adorable picture book biography pays tribute to an amazing star! Explore this books and learn more about Selena Quintanilla. 


Selena Quintanilla was an amazing, strong and extremely talented woman! How wonderful that there is an adorable board book biography that recognizes her! The Life of Selena by Patty Rodriguez & Ariana Stein highlights fun and interesting facts about this beautiful star! While reading create your own biography and talk to your child about the fun and interesting facts about the beautiful stars of your family! “Selena was born in Lake Jackson, Texas. Do you know where you were born?”


Singing and dancing with your child is a wonderful way to promote bonding! Selena created some amazing songs that will make bonding so much fun! Fun is pretty much inevitable with this song: 


Reading books with your child provides an opportunity to promote math skills. Utilize the adorable illustrations in this book and practice early math by having your child count the objects on each page. Go further and promote color recognition as well by identifying the colors as you talk about what you see. “Look a this cute purple stereo. It’s making purple music notes! How many music notes are there? Let’s count them together!”


Add something new and fun to your family biography and if you haven’t already, start a family rock band! Explain to your child that bands have names and invite your little musician to think of name for your group! Make homemade musical instruments. Boxes provide great sounds! Use the instruments to play along to your child’s favorite tunes, or create new music together!

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