The Book With No Pictures

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This Month’s Book: The Book With No Pictures
Our Cover to Cover Book of the Month for May is The Book With No Pictures  by B.J. Novak and while this book is lacking in pictures, it’s definitely not lacking in fun. Read it and find out why!


FUN! “Fun” is one of the ways to describe The Book With No Pictures by B.J. Novak. Also, maybe “SILLY.” Give your child time to respond to the questions in the book and then elaborate on those questions. For example, on the page that says, “the kid I’m reading this book to is THE BEST KID EVER,” prompt, “Even though I already know, tell me what makes you the best kid ever!”



Continue with the  silliness and  dance The Super Silly Tango with your child. Find the song at this link:



This book has many made-up words, with amazing sounds. Emphasize these sounds by reading them slowly, or really fast. Invite your child to make these sounds with you and make up your own silly words: “Let’s swap out the letter ‘D’ in the word ‘dooongy’ with a ‘J.’ Now lets swap it out with a ’T!’ Doing this promotes phonological awareness, alphabet knowledge and is a fun way to bond with your child!”



Play a rhyming game with silly words: “What rhymes with blap?” Incorporate gross motor skills into your rhyming game with a simple game of catch. Think of a silly word and toss a ball back and forth with your child. With each catch, say a rhyming word! You can find more activities like this one on the Make Way for Books app!


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