Story School

Right now, the majority of children around the nation do not have access to high-quality early literacy and educational experiences prior to kindergarten. Make Way for Books is addressing this immediate need by leveraging technology and partnering with parents. Story School is designed to meet families’ expressed need for ongoing, bilingual (English and Spanish), and culturally-responsive early literacy learning opportunities for young children (ages 3-5). Building on our proven programming, we engage families through an innovative, co-design approach to develop a new model that meets the needs of families who face obstacles to early literacy and learning opportunities.

Story School is a scalable, innovative, two-generation model which means children and parents learn together simultaneously and both gain critical skills. Using books and stories as a primary tool of engagement, our model fosters children’s emergent literacy and language skills while empowering parents with the knowledge, confidence, and skills to create these powerful learning experiences with their young children and integrate them into their routines at home.

During a 11-week series, children and families join our new Story School platform which connects and guides families through coordinated and varied engagement opportunities, including engaging core curriculum videos, live online learning groups, our Family Learning Space where families connect, as well as e-books and literacy activities via the Make Way for Books App. Beginning in Spring 2022, we will offer both virtual only and hybrid (in-person and virtual) program experiences for families.



This programming is made possible by our generous community. You can help support our Story School program and get books into the hands of young children by making a gift to Make Way for Books here.


Families interested in learning more about Virtual Story School can visit to apply.


To learn more about Story School and opportunities to partner and get involved in this innovative programming, please email