Little Gorilla

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This Month’s Book: Little Gorilla
Our Cover to Cover Book of the Month for February is Little Gorilla  by Ruth Bornstein. This beautiful story provides a wonderful opportunity for you to explore with your child the jungle and some of its amazing animals. Can you ROAR like a lion? 


The wonderful book Little Gorilla by Ruth Bornstein tells the story of how all the jungle animals come together to love and care for a precious gorilla baby. The story depicts the importance of community and connection in raising a baby! While reading, talk to your child about the people who make up your community. “Grandma and Grandpa  are always there for us! And we are always so excited to see our friends at story time!”


The support in having and building a  community for our little ones and for ourselves  can bring  joy! Express this joy by singing If You’re Happy and Your Know It! Raffi has a fun version of this song here:


It’s inevitable, we all grow! Even baby gorillas. And with each day we grow more and more special! While reading promote comprehension by making predictions with your child. Predict how the gorilla will look and feel when he’s grown. How will the other animals feel about gorilla being so big?  How does your child feel about growing up?


There are many beautiful jungle animals found in this book!  Make the book fun and interactive by pretending to be jungle animals together. Incorporate the concept of opposites, “Let’s be loud birds flying so high. Now let’s be quite birds flying so low!”

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Be creative! We can’t wait to see what you loved about Little Gorilla!