Community-wide Children’s Book Drive

“When I go to the sites where I deliver and the children see me wheel in my cart with books, they are right behind me waiting to pick out a book from the blue bookshelf, so this is definitely used by the community. The children and their parents know the books will be replenished if the shelves are empty and this is important so they can build a library of their own at home,” said Kathy Naylor, a volunteer at Make Way for Books.

Thanks to incredible volunteers like Kathy and the generosity of our community, last year we were able to provide 19,000 books to children through our Blue Book House Project. Learn more about our impact in this recent article in the Arizona Daily Star.

Will you help us get books into the hands of children in our community? Join our Community-wide Book Drive July and drop off your new and gently-used children’s books at participating YMCA of Southern Arizona locations and at Mildred and Dildred (located at La Encantada) July 8th through August 31st!