Family Literacy

Make Way for Books Family Literacy Programs engage parents and children together to empower families to make early literacy a part of their lives every day.

Raising A Reader (RAR)

Every week, MWFB brings together families at a number of apartment communities and neighborhood school locations for the national evidence-based early literacy program Raising A Reader (RAR). Each RAR session is a celebration of books and reading. Children experience the joy of books, and parents learn how fun and easy it is to share stories and do activities with their young children that support their emergent literacy and language development. 98% of participating parents reported that they shared books more often with their children following the RAR program, and 86% of parents reported feeling more confident in their role as their child’s first, best teacher.

"Before Raising A Reader, I tried to read to my daughter often, but it wasn’t until the program that I learned how to make the books come alive for her."

Book M.A.G.I.C. (Making a Giant Impact on Children)

We partner with parent education programs to provide families with information on ways to foster their child’s early literacy development throughout simple daily routines. Parent educators receive professional development on language acquisition, emergent literacy, and emergent writing, as well as the Book M.A.G.I.C. curriculum, books, and implementer kit,including bilingual parent education resources.

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Make Way for Books for Babies and Toddlers

We partner with home visitation agencies to provide essential information on emergent literacy, infant brain development, and language-rich interactions to new parents. Home visitors receive professional development on topics ranging from language acquisition to effective ways to share books and stories. Families receive an early literacy kit containing books, music, and other resources to support their infant as they begin to develop emergent literacy.